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    Keep the break room fridge filled with this 24-pack of Coca-Cola 12-ounce cans to keep staff refreshed.

    Offer an alternative to coffee in the break room with the classic favorite: original taste Coca-Cola 12-ounce cans. This smooth cola drink provides 34 milligrams of caffeine in each 12-ounce can for a quick, cold midday pick-me-up. Keep this 24-pack of Coca-Cola 12-ounce cans on hand so you always have some to restock the office refrigerator. Buy Coca Cola Wholesale

    • Cola drink refreshes naturally with great taste
    • Comes in capacity of 12 oz.
    • Regular caffeinated soft drink
    • 12 oz. pull top cans
    • 24 cans per carton

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