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    2021 Suzuki 70HP Outboard Motor For Sale

    Suzuki Marine’s at it again. Ten years after kick-starting the four-stroke revolution, the Brea, California-based outboard manufacturer has released three new four-stroke engines that have been completely redesigned from the ground up. Wholesale Suzuki Outboard Motors

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    70 HP Suzuki
    Suzuki DF 70
    built in 1999
    4 stroke engine
    remote control
    Electric start

    Wholesale Suzuki 70HP Outboard Motor

    Speaking of fuel economy, Suzuki engineers also incorporated a new oil pump and improved the hydrodynamics of the engines’ lubrication system, which allows oil to move through the system with less resistance. The engines also shift easier and smoother, thanks to a redesigned shift transmission system that results in a 40-percent improvement in gear transfer on the DF90.

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    A new gear case and an under-cowl airflow design also reduce drag and help the engines breath better, optimizing performance. Suzuki’s new Lean Burn Control Technology, meanwhile,  predicts fuel needs based on operating conditions and also allows the engine to operate on a lean fuel-air ratio. Wholesale Suzuki Outboard Motors

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    Suzuki’s new four-stroke engines are the only outboards in their class that are equipped with oil-bathed, self-adjusting timing chains instead of traditional timing belts.

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    It all adds up to three strong, new outboards. For more information , contact us to purchase 70HP outboard engines

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